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Carson City CrossFit opened its doors in 2011, becoming the first CrossFit affiliate in Carson City, NV. We have provided the coaching and community to meet everyone’s needs from individuals beginning their fitness journey to experienced athletes. Our focus is technique, progression, and quality movement. We prioritize proficiency first, then consistency, and then intensity. We strive to help our members make progress not just in the short term, but throughout their long-term pursuits of fitness all the while providing a fun and family-oriented atmosphere.

With the perfect mix of passion and fun, Carson City CrossFit is filled with success stories every day. No other program will push you as hard or deliver the results. Our team of coaches and members have created an environment that allows our members to not only set goals, but achieve them. Our team at CCCF will help you reach your goals by increasing the 10 physical skills of an athlete including: strength, power, speed, endurance, stamina, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. Whether starting from step one or improving an already experienced athlete, our programming can help you achieve success.