Cash-in: Bottom to Bottom Tabata Squats


100 M Sled Pull or 200 M Run
12 Wall Balls
12 Push-ups

A good post courtesy of Shoreline CrossFit from 12.21.11
My mom is the best best mom when I am sick.  She brings me medicine, ginger ale, soup, takes my temperature, and sits on my bed with me and chats in a low voice.  As I get older, it almost seems as if she gets better at taking care of me when I’m ill.  I think it’s because it reminds her that I am her youngest child, and that I still need her.
I always ask my students to raise their hands when they need help with an assignment.  Oftentimes, instead, they sit there, quietly, never asking for assistance and do not complete the assignment.  I hate when this happens.  What I do appreciate, however, is when they ask for my help, tell me when my explanation still isn’t good enough, and make me remain by their desk until they can get back on task.  This is my job…I’m useless in a class where everyone can read a book and teach themselves.
The same is true at the gym.
There are times when you may not understand the movement even after your coach explains it to you in skill work. ASK.
There may be times when you have confusion regarding a workout even when the rest of the class is ready to go. ASK.
There may be time when you are unsure about how much weight you should be lifting.  ASK.
There may be time when you do not understand why we are doing something the way that we do it.  ASK.
There may be times when you are injured, or incapable of performing a movement as prescribed.  ASK.
You see, all of your coaches went into this business because we want to help.  If I wanted to train only the elite…I’d be at the Olympics.  I want to see every type of athlete excel at their individual fitness goals and literally change their lives.
When you don’t ask, I become worthless.  I can’t fulfill my job completely.
So please, ask. I suppose we’re all sort of like my mom when I’m ill.  We want to be needed.
Thanks for making me do my job.

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