10 Round For Time of:
15 Deadlifts (95135)
15 Push-ups


I know that our workouts can seem hard, technical and at sometimes downright frustrating. We do the programming so that nobody will need to do more than is prescribed in the workouts. It is pretty much impossible to write a one wod fits all program. That is where scaling becomes such an important part of CrossFit. Scaling is not only load and time, but often can be movements until the athletes feel comfortable doing the prescribed movement. If the wod calls for ring dips, that does not mean everyone will be performing ring dips. We can work the progression of the ring dips during ou skill portion of class, and then the push-up may be done instead during the wod, until you feel confident in doing dips. This can help develop the strength in order to start doing ring dips. Please do not feel like if you see a wod which calls for movements you are unfamiliar with, that you should not come in. That is what your coaches are for. Just ask, and they will make sure that you are set up with movements properly that you can work with. They still may be challenging, but not to the point of unattainable.

The point of scaling is to get you better at doing the movements as well. For instance of the ring dip, when the athlete feels like the are ready to tackle scaled ring dips, coaches will set them up doing the dips from the standing position, then feet on a box, and then with a band. What we hope to accomplish is a progression to hopefully knocking out ring dips with zero assistance.

This all being said, scaling is not an invitation to speed up your time or knock out more rounds. If you are scaling a wod, you should not be doing every single round unbroken easily or finishing before everyone else by a long shot. The wod should still be very challenging. Picking a load can be sometimes tricky, but again, that is where our coaches come into play. And once again, if you have ANY question please just ask us. That is what we are here for.

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