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The shoe that you while wodding can make a lot of difference during the workout as well as after while recovering. There are many choices out there when choosing footwear. I believe its the most important piece of gear. Alot of athletes in the gym have purchased the Nano 2.0 and love them. Some have not. in general we are looking for a flat heel so our foot does not roll around. try to avoid the “cushy” sole that a lot of shoe stores have in stock. Chuck) Taylor’s work great for lifting. I am not endorsing any one shoe brand or make, just some suggestions. I will however say that Reno Running store has most all of the shoes needed (besides the Nano 2.0) so you can try them on and see what feels the best. Here are some articles on the subject as well:

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(1 rep of hollow rock is a full rock back AND forth)

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