Team of 2

1.) 150 Push Presses 5575

-One team member does push presses while the other runs a 200 meter run, then they switch.
Do not finish until the 150 reps are completed. The bar may not touch the ground.
5 burpee penalty for each drop.

2.) 150 sumo deadlift high pull with kettle bells 3553
-same rule as #1.
Kettle Bell is touch and go. may not rest on the ground.

3.) 100 meter walking lunge together as a team

Overtime: Complete penalty burpees if any exist

We invite everyone in the world to compete in the Open. Each week from February 22-March 25, an Open workout is posted on Wednesday at 5:00 pm. You have until Sunday at 5:00 pm to get it completed. You have the choice to have your performance validated at Carson City CrossFit or videotape it yourself . The Open will consist of five workouts over five weeks.

Team athletes will complete the five Open workouts like individual competitors. If an athlete chooses to register with a team, the athlete can still compete in the individual competition at the Regional level, if they qualify. A team’s top three male and female scores in the week’s workout will contribute to the team’s standings. Cost for individual Competitors is $20. Register under the Carson City CrossFit team. We encourage everyone at the gym to compete in the open.


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