CCCF news!
Our athletes are doing amazing in the CrossFit Open. The workouts have exposed weakness and strengths and everyone is raising the bar.

April 6th, Save the date:
Our CCCF Endurance teams first week is posted and getting started.
We will be running the 5k and having a booth on April 6th at the K-love event. The Fischers sister is running the event and we want to support our coaches and the community and can’t wait to get our first spring run in.


April 20th- a lot of our coaches will be headed to Sacramento for a Powerlifting seminar with Mark Bell. We were personally invited and this will tie in perfectly for our Carson City Barbell Club. (shirts are in the works) So stay tuned on getting stronger.

April 21st- is our 2nd Birthday Party. If you were around last year you know how much fun we had. This year we will have a potluck again and introduce all of our Shredders and have the official weigh-in and announce the winner. The winner will get a free membership until December 2013. Please support the Shredders. Date TBD

The Studio is on a full time schedule along with many different teachers and teaching styles.
If you didn’t meet Ashton come check her class out Monday at 630pm. $ 12 drop in cash or pay on the website.
This weeks line up!

Monday 630-Ashton
Tuesday 630-Beth
Wednesday 630-Beth
Thursday 630- Jill
Friday Noon -Jill
Friday 630- Jill
Saturday 900- Jeanne is on vacation this week.
Saturday 10:30 Beth

CrossFit Pink will kick off another month April 1st. Let all your friends know. Classes are already filling up for April.

Help spread the word on all the great news. We hope to keep everyone in the loop on the happenings at CCCF weekly on Sunday evenings. Keep up the hard work!

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1


6 Deadlifts (60% of last rep)

12 Jumping Lunges

Cashout: 3 x 1 minute plank holds

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