It looks like you do a lot of squats. I’ve heard they’re bad for you.

Not only is the squat foundational to athleticism, but even more importantly, it’s foundational to functional independence. Squatting has developed a reputation of being unsafe because of the prevalence of atrocious form and severe inflexibility. Properly performed squats and related movements will fortify the knees, hips and back—not damage them—and help prevent injury in the future. Avoiding movements your body was engineered to perform is the best way to ensure injury and your body’s failure to function properly for you. Our coaches spend a great deal of time teaching our members proper form in all movements and constantly monitor performance to ensure safety and optimal benefits.   via NorCal Strength and Conditioning FAQ website


Odd: 5 Deadlifts (climbing; start light(ish))

Even: 30 Double Unders

Sub for DU’s is 15 bar lateral jumps. jumping over your bar laterally

*Please partner up with someone and switch back and forth so we have enough weight.

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