Shoulder to OH

Front Squats

Power Cleans


Accumulate 2 Minutes of hollow rocks

Accumulate 2 minutes of plank holds

Hi everyone.  Today is the start of the Barbell Club.  We will be lifting in the old Golf Space until the equipment arrives to go into unit #3,  I encourage everyone to join.  We will use a linear progression program (at first) to establish our strength.  I will post the lifts on M,W,F. If you miss Monday, you can lift on Tuesday etc.  If you do come in and lift and decide not to do the CrossFit wod, that is fine, we just ask that you do not jump into a CF class half way. Please choose one or the other.  Any questions, please email Lief.

Barbell Club

Back Squat 3×5

Press 3×5

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