CCCF Weekly News!

Boy do we have a lot to talk about this week! 

CrossFit Open

Congratulations to all of our athletes who completed their first Open! We loved all the pictures, (thanks Mary and Kim) and we loved seeing our athletes PR and accomplish so much during the Open. The Open is a great way to see where you fall in all the athletes in the world. Our box shows our athletes are sitting above average in our region. Hard work pays off, and thank you for showing up and working the program to fit your needs.

Our Noon class was well attended this week and we will be trying to add M-F at noon in the next few weeks. 

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, spread the word for those who have wanted the noon class. You can also come and get your Endurance or Barbell work done.

Starting this week Tuesday and Thursday at 430 will no longer be Women’s only, this class will now be open to all CFers.

Carson City Barbell Club 

We are excited to offer the CCBC to our members. We have a white board with the workouts for the week and we will be adding more class times and equipment soon. Monthly membership fee with a CCCF General or PINK Unlimited membership will be $30.00 and $50 for a family of two. A lot of our athletes are using this for the Fittest of the Sierra, Powerlifting Meets and New Kids in The Box.

The Barbell club is intended to supplement your training goals by adding strength with
a linear progression style of training. It will be an Open Gym style format; however there will be a program to follow and your coaches are available for questions and most will be getting stronger right along the side of you.
The schedule for the month of April for the BBC is when a CrossFit class is offered.  This is a change from last week.
Monthly membership fee with a CCCF General or PINK Unlimited membership will be $30.00 and $50 for a family of two.

Schedule an appointment with Lief this week and review the skills and program and start getting strong!

Brandy and Josh will be tagging the Barbell Club and Lief will have a can of spray paint for CCBC for you to tag the floor. (Kids will not be allowed the can) ( I did get carded when I bought it) 

Thursday Pot Luck!

Every Thursday we invite you and your family to come and hang out, chill, eat good food, drink water or beer and just all get to know each other. Please bring a dish, a chair and your family and lets make a great weekly event. I saw a hula hoop (doubt it is for the kids) 

( We brought a fridge and it is in the barbell club) We will provide all paper products each week. 

Some may have seen we have a new water machine. Well on Tuesday, we are getting an Ice machine and water cooler. This can be used for injuries, ice water, protein shakes or Michelle Marrale special Margaritas. 

Studio 403 Yoga

NEW April specials

Starting this Tuesday is our Beginner 4 class series.

6:00-6:45 PM ($40) We will not be having 6:30 on Tuesdays anymore, so we can offer Tuesday for beginners for May and June. Check out the flier for more details.


Carson City Introductory offer.

$10 for 10 Days of Unlimited Yoga

Enjoy unlimited yoga for 10 consecutive days ~ come as many times as you want!

This offer is for you if:
*Carson City is your primary residence and,
*You’ve never been to Studio 403 Yoga
*You haven’t yet participated in this offer
*Offer available one time only per person
*Enjoy unlimited yoga classes for 10 consecutive days
*Receive $10 off a 10-class card or an unlimited card purchased at the end of the 10-day period
*Our apologies, this offer is not for vacationers –

Check out different teachers and start to experience the difference yoga will make in your life!


Sunday 730 Yin Candlelight Yoga 

Unwind, relax, and chill out. Candlelight Yoga is a soothing blend of deep, slow moving stretches with supported restorative work.

The classes are designed to help you:

• Melt away tension
• Decrease feelings of stress and anxiety
• Increase a sense of calmness and peacefulness

Our Candlelight Yoga classes are a perfect mix of our Gentle & Restorative Yoga, Candlelight Yin with Restoratives and Restorative Yoga classes.

Our Candlelight Yoga class will expand the opportunities for therapeutic release, rejuvenation, and healing.

By the end of your practice you will feel recharged, replenished, and relaxed.

Candlelight Yoga is suitable for and beneficial to all levels of practitioners.
April 27 Spring Yoga detox

So are you ready to flow, sweat, play and detox with Studio 403 Yoga?

We invite you to our Spring Detox Yoga Workshop! April 27th 930-1130. $39.

Spring is the perfect time of the year to clean our closets, clear out things we no longer use so we have room for new things to come.
Spring is the ideal time to renew and to cleanse our bodies too.
• Dynamic conversation AND recipes to get you started on a 3-5 day detox.
• 60 minute Yoga detox practice, full of hot Vinyasa flow and twists
• Komucha recipe AND starter scoby

This combination will help you feel more energized, lighter and healthier.

Space is limited to 8 sign up today by going towww.studio403yoga.com 

Have you “liked” us on Facebook. Studio 403

Personal and Group training.

Last week we had a local Casino approach and meet with us to offer Carson City CrossFit and Yoga to their employees as part of their wellness and incentive program. They want to be the industry leaders of healthy employees we are excited that CrossFit has hit employers in this manner.  If you work for a company that offers an employee wellness program let us know if small group training, Yoga, or our RAW program will work for them. We will even do lunch time yoga for employers at work. 

All of our Coaches offer Personal training and are available for more one on one. 

Lief, Jill, Abby, Brittany have openings for spring and summer. 

New Kids In the Box- News!

We have some awesome people coming together to make this event awesome for the New Kids.

If you want to Judge or volunteer fill out the form on our website, the first 20 volunteers will get a NKITB shirt.

EMOM 10 Deadlifts 2 Reps (70% of 1 RM)

1 set of max effort reps


15 Kb Swings

10 Wallball Shots

5 Burpees

Barbell Club:

Back Squat 3×5 (add 5-10 lbs from last week)

Press 3×5 (add 5lbs from last week)

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