CCCF News:
There will not be a pot luck this week.

Friday will be CCCF’s first coed softball game at 600 pm at
Centennial Field. Come support your CCCF coaches and CCCF friends.

Studio 403 studio
Grand opening with Lululemon next Thursday from 430-7. Free yoga demos and shopping.

Schedule  changes for the Studio effective immediately.
M,F Lunch
Tuesday Beginner series
Saturday 900
Sunday 730pm

Mother’s Day is Sunday and Yoga is a great gift and CCCF members get a discount.

Lief, Alex and Abby will be competing in their first powerlifting meet Sunday the 18th. Therefor we will not be having open gym. So those who want to come and support will have a chance to do so.

New Kids In the Box!
We have 17 athletes representing CCCF in this fun competition.
We would encourage many of you to sign up and challenge yourself and sign up or volunteer for the event and help us rep our box!

May’s Refer a Friend has been great so far. We are grateful that so many of you are bringing new people to CCCF.

Goals- write one on the goal board.

Many of you know that Studio 403 yoga was created on our love story and our love for yoga.  We have created this space because we have seen the great benefit that yoga can bring to a person’s life, whether that is stress reduction, healing, greater capacities for compassion and awareness, or physical benefits like flexibility, strength, pain reduction, or simply a greater ease and comfort in one’s embodiment. Yoga makes us happy, and we want to share it!  Unfortunately, we know that for many populations, yoga is simply not financially accessible to them. We are working to change all that!  Starting this Saturday at 9:00 am, we will be offering a donation community based class every Saturday. What does that mean?There may be times when you’re so broke that a dollar is all you can spare, and there may be times when you can easily pay the suggested amount or more. What you choose is between you and the donation box. As long as we have interest we will continue to offer donation classes. We want to give back to our community.


“Dianne” or “Elizabeth”

Dianne: 21-15-9 of Deadlift (155/225) and HSPU

Elizabeth: 21-15-9 of Cleans (95/135) and Ring Dips

*Up for a challenge……………..? Try Both!

Barbell Club


Deadlift 1 rm


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