Do you have 100 days in you to change?

We will be releasing a 100 Day Body Transformation program to get you through your holiday season. We want to help you succeed in your journey to lifestyle changes and we need team-work to help each other be accountable and finish 2013 strong and start 2014 strong(er). The purpose of the 100 day to change, is to build a strong and strong(er) foundation and to create a lifestyle change. The focus will be on training to fuel performance/muscle gains so you can look and feel better.

We have developed four body transformation options that will fit anyone’s needs to be successful. This isn’t a challenge, you won’t win anything in material value, but you will however gain a stronger foundation and build strong mind and body. We will be releasing a start date on Facebook and our WOD blog. Once the start date is released you will have 48 hours to fill out application and provide all requirements to get started.
1. Before and after measurements
2. Before and after photos
3. Goal setting
4. Facebook page support group
5. Suggested food options
6. Suggested days of working out 
7. Free Yoga
Cost- FREE TO ALL CCCF Members and NEW MEMBERS who Join before start date
Same as Option 1 plus
1. In depth strength and conditioning program
2. Guidelines and suggestions on what to eat and when
3. Minimum of 10 hours a week to work on strength,conditioning, mobility and food preparation
4. Must track workouts and food journal
5. Every two week measurements 
6. Monthly progress pictures.
7. Access to coaches anytime
Cost- FREE TO ALL CCBC Members. Want more accountability, guidance,and work?  
Add option 2 to your CCCF membership for $20 a month/$60 for 100 days.
Same as Option 1 and 2 plus 4 personal training session a month.
1. Once a week personal training sessions with Lief or Jill
2. Planned workouts and meal plans for the month
Cost- $279 a month. (You do not have to be a CCCF member, and limited space available)
OPTION 4-Online coaching
1. Individual consultation discussion, measurements, how to’s and goal setting.
2. Meal plans and work out plans to do at home.
Cost-$449 a month  (Limited space available)
Yoga will be included in each option.
Do you have 100 days in you to make change?
Studio 403 updated schedule:
Sunday – Candlelight Yin Yoga @ 5:30 PM
Wednesday – Yoga for Beginners @ 4:00 PM
Thursday – Core Power Yoga @ 6:30 PM
Saturday – Yoga @ 10:15 AM

For time:

1 Mile Run/ 2000 M Row

then 5 Rounds

10 Deadlifts

10 Toes to Bar

10 Air Squats



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