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Our intern process is simple: show us you are committed, passionate about helping others, that you are willing to work hard in all aspects of life, accountable, and a team player. Progress through your internship is solely up to you.

We will build off of the level one seminar. Build in three phases:  virtuosity, consistency and intensity.

The first phase of the program will be Accumulating Knowledge: shadowing of classroom, training time and homework assignments.

Phase two will be Consistency Length: classroom, training, continued homework education, classroom shadowing  and presentation of  warm -ups, and cool downs.

Phases three of the program will be Delivery Length: classroom time of leading CrossFit classes, warm-ups,  skills, strength, metcons and cool downs. Training time: will be coaching classes with reviews after each session.

Phase four of the program Continuing Education: Forever.


  • CF Level 1 (or signed up with previous coaching/training background)
  • Must live the life

Letter of intent

  • Education, experience, skills, etc.
  • Goals
  • Why you want to coach/why you will be a good coach


** Once your letter is accepted you will sign a no compete contract **


What’s Expected

  • Intern Log
  • Keep a basic log of each phase and homework assignments
  • Notes, questions, etc.
  • Monthly Meeting
  • This is mandatory and acts as our coaches development time
  • Testing (you will need to pass each phase in order to move to the next phases of the program)
  • Written
  • Practical

When a coach is great, they have unlimited opportunity at Carson City CrossFit. Our goal is to create the chance and give them the best possible shot at success. Their success builds our business , not the other way around.

Please send all Letters of intent to