Kim A.


Kim A.

I have been working out pretty consistently for about three years…. lost a little bit of weight.. A few inches, even ran my first 5k.  But I wasn’t seeing the kind of results that I was longing for.  I still didn’t feel like an athlete nor did I feel I looked like one.I saw a commercial for a CrossFit type workout and told my husband that it looked pretty cool.  He told me our buddy, Dean does CrossFit here in town and loves it.  He also said that it has really gotten him in excellent shape. Mind you Dean was ready I’m good shape. I went on to the CCCF website and saw that there was a boot camp class for women beginning in two days.  So I emailed Jill hoping that the class was full because I just didn’t really have faith in myself to do it.  I was also hoping that maybe this place was flaky and they wouldn’t return their emails… NOPE! I heard from Jill within hours and there was a spot for me!  No backing down now.CrossFit is like no other workout I have ever done.  The people are amazing, from the trainers to the people working along side of you.  You get the encouragement you need, you are surrounded by people who know you can do it! There IS NO intimidation or feeling like you don’t belong.  Your a team!I didn’t think I could keep up… I didn’t think I would last this long.  Not no more!   I have a renewed confidence in myself!  I know that I WILL reach my goals!  I know that I WILL accomplish what I have set out to do.  And when that evil doubt slips into my mind… I hear  Jill telling me “Come on, empty the gas tank… All you have… Finish strong!”So if your not sure CrossFit is for you … Trust me it is!  Do It! You won’t regret it!

Kim A

*Kim is now a coach at Carson City CrossFit!

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