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Mary S.


Mary S.

About 9 months ago I hit an all time physical and mental low. I was 200 pounds, sitting on the couch eating potato chips, ice cream, random crackers I didn’t even like, and getting ready to upchuck it all back up. I realized how far I had let myself go and was so scared that I would get in even worse condition. I had heard of Cross Fit, that it was an insane place full of workout fanatics. I decided that doing the treadmill for 20 minutes had never worked, and that it would take some insanity and fanaticism. So I found a local box, and signed up to start two days from then. The first few months of working out were miserable, painful, embarrassing…but the people there encouraged me to not quit, to keep going, that my life was worth it. Somewhere along the way, I got the competitive itch that I had never had before(because I had never been anywhere close to being physically able to compete with anyone), and it became exciting, the sport that I had always wanted to be in. Before, I couldn’t walk from the parking lot of school to the classroom without losing my breath a bit. Now I can run and chase my nephews all day, and feel better at the end of it. Before, I had constant knee and back pain. That has all but disappeared.
The coaches knew exactly what I was going through the whole time, and never failed to encourage and push me to strive for better. I’ll be leaving at the end of the month, but I will never forget what I’ve been taught, and the people God brought into my path to inspire me and change me forever.
I love you and thank you!

— with Mary S

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