Big pants, Big Changes.

I have put this picture up for the last 4 days, written up my story and taken it down before hitting that post button. Today is the day! I began a journey 5 years ago at a wedding back East. At the wedding and other family events, I felt embarrassed, sick and tried to stay away from everyone. This wasn’t normal behavior for me. Upon my return I made an appointment with abariatric surgeon. That appointment led to a year of evaluations, tests etc and eventually to lap-band surgery.

Lap-band surgery led to a 45-55lb weight loss. Great, right? Wrong. It didn’t clear up any of the issues that I had. Still had migraines, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, stomach problems, acid reflux, depression, fatigue, muscle soreness, still obese and to top it off…started gaining weight again. Next extreme effort was HCG. Lost another 40lbs (remember I had regained some of the previously lost weight). Again great, right? Again, wrong. Yes, I was losing weight but I wasn’t healthy. Still had the same issues.

A particularly bad situation at work forced me to start looking at ways to make positive changes in my life. Along came paleo lifestyle and CCCF. This is the point where I actually made change. This is the point where I made a connection between brain, body and nutrition with the help of Jill, Pink and CCCF. This weekend I decided to clean out my closet. What was I holding on to? The illness, the depression, the feeling of low self worth? Six garbage bags of clothes later and I was feeling lighter, both in body and mind. These pants weren’t my largest. I don’t have any of those anymore. These were purchased about two years ago and I was about 50lbs down from my heaviest, but they are a good indication of where I was previously.

When I say CCCF and the amazing CCCF family have changed my life, I mean it. It wasn’t until I met them and began this journey that I truly understood what fit and healthy meant. I could talk the talk but I wasn’t walking the walk. I have none of the previously listed issues…NONE! I am so grateful for everything in my life and for the opportunities that CCCF has opened up to me. I will never be able to adequately express just how grateful, but letting people who didn’t know me before see the changes is an indication of my new found freedom. Thank you Jill Larson and CCCF and Pink.


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