New Kids in The Box


Novice and Intermediate competition for individuals!

When: July 13th, 2019

Where: 1111 E. Williams St, Carson City NV 89706

Men’s / Women’s Novice
Men’s / Women’s Intermediate
Men’s / Women’s Masters

This event is for the newer to intermediate athlete to introduce them to or help them advance in the Sport of Fitness and have a great time with some great people. This event is not for the Regional level athlete.

The distinction between Novice and Intermediate levels are determined by experience, strength and conditioning. Although these areas can be grey, a few clear examples may help. A novice athlete is someone who started at a box 6-8 months ago, is using bands on their pull-ups, multiple ab-mats for their Handstand Push-ups and is fairly new to the Clean & Jerk and Snatch.

An Intermediate athlete is someone who can perform most of the named girl workouts as prescribed, a good grasp on basic gymnastic movements, double-unders and can perform the Olympic movements proficiently (not necessarily heavy loads).

The Master’s athletes will fall somewhere in between these standards. These are just some examples if athletes are unsure of which division to register for. We want to have a fun, competitive AND balanced event.

Rules: This event is for athletes that have the drive to compete in a local competition and for those who are newer to competing. This is a great way for athletes to get their feet wet or gain some experience at competition and may not be ready for the heavier loads at some local events.

Who Should sign up?
** You struggle to do MOST workouts as prescribed (novice), or you struggle to do SOME workouts as prescribed (intermediate)
** You can sign up if you competed last year
** You should sign up if you did the CrossFit Open
** You think you may have a desire to compete
** You want something to “train” for
** You want to have fun with your box and other like minded boxes

Who Should NOT sign up:
** Placed in top 1500 in the Open (scaled) or top 750 (intermediate)
** You have a sub 7 minute Fran time (novice) or 4 minute Fran time (intermediate)
** You Deadlift over 250/350, Squat 200/300, Clean & Jerk 125/200 for the novice division (or other close strength numbers). These numbers can be slightly inflated for the intermediate division.

These are just a few guidelines. If there any questions, talk to your coach or box owner. You can call Lief Larson (775) 339-1555.

You don’t want to look like the guy or gal killing a Beginner/Intermediate Competition who obviously doesn’t belong!


Assault Bike, Alt. DB Snatch, DB Box Step Up Overs (20/24 in.)


Intermediate: (35/50)

Novice, Masters: (25/35)

Time Cap: 9 Minutes


Max Clean and Jerk

4 Minutes to establish 1 Rep max Clean and Jerk

rest 1 minute, then directly into Workout #3


AMRAP 5 of DT: 12 Deadlifts, 9 Hang Power Cleans, 6 Push Jerks

Intermediate: (95/135)

Novice, Masters: (65/95)




14 Cal Row, 10 Single Arm DB Overhead Squats (35/25)

Novice, Masters:

14 Cal Row, 10 Single Arm DB Squats (35/25)