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Nutrition Coaching

It starts and ends with food…
CCCF  has a coach that is Sport Nutrition Certified and will be offering more to our program in 2015.
Nutrition is the foundation of building our house, the necessary building blocks in creating a stable house starts  and end with Nutrition. There isn’t a “one size” fits all approach, and nutrition for many is a personal journey. Clients start nutrition coaching for different reasons some are looking for  autoimmune protocol, increased athletic performance, increased energy, improved mood, better sleeping habits, shedding fat, or gaining muscle.
Here is how it works:
1. Purchase a Initial Consult, or choose a ongoing program online or in person.
2. Schedule a time to meet either Skype, FaceTime or in Person.
Initial Consult: Online or in person.   You will receive an initial assessment, information about how different foods affect your body, and help create achievable goals and a better understanding on nutrition. $99
We offer a few packages that includes initial consultation to go over your lifestyle,  your goals, eating habits, meal plan development, grocery list, and recipes to get you started in taking the first step to success. There will also be weekly or bi-weekly check ins and follow up emails and meetings to check your progress and make any tweaks necessary to ensure your success.
Month to Month $200 which includes initial consult
3 month package $500 (most popular)
6 month package $800
12 month package $1200