Saturday, December 3


Saturday, December 3


10 Push Press (60 % 1RM)
10 Bar Facing Burpees
10 Toes to Bar

Experience the Box is this Thursday, Friday and Saturday- all classes are free to experience what Carson City CrossFit has to offer, all classes will be geared for the beginner.

Elements Starting December 5th! Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:30 PM
Elements Classes will focus on mechanics, technique and proper CrossFit movements. Classes will be geared for the new CrossFitter, and will help bridge the gap to the unlimited CrossFit Classes.
Hi Everyone,

The holidays are coming. I wanted to pass post on from Freddy Camacho, who owns CrossFit One World, located in the Bay Area. It really makes sense to me. Enjoy


“To be a winner, all you need to give is all you have.”

It’s that time of the year. It’s rainy and cold outside. The kids get holiday vacation time. Your favorite TV shows are in the thick of their story lines. It’s the season of comfort food and the couch. You can cover up those extra holiday pounds with your One World sweatshirt. The month of December is the month that you start telling yourself it’s okay to skip the gym because New Year’s Resolutions are right around the corner

It’s the time of the year you have to ask yourself one question. Do you have a commitment to your training?

I am not asking if you are a diehard CrossFitter committed to trying to qualify for the CrossFit Games. I’m just curious if you are committed to your training at One World. You may not hear this from other CrossFit gym owners, but if you aren’t committed to your training, have you ever thought that maybe CrossFit is not for you? It costs a lot less money to tell people you have a gym membership (that you never use) at 24 Hour Fitness, than it does to tell your friends how awesome the workouts (that you don’t do) are at CrossFit One World. You might be able to save yourself some bucks if you reconsider your commitment.

Before you send me an email telling me how you need to quit because blah blah blah blah….. Let’s take a quick look at exactly what commitment means.

First and foremost, I have always believed that if you can train three days a week, you can improve your fitness and thus improve your life. Time for more math…. three sessions a week. That is only THREE HOURS. A week has 168 hours in it. If you take out work, 40 hours for most, and sleep, 40-50 hours if you are lucky, that’s at least 78 hours left to train. Now take into consideration travel time from your work or your house, and most of you should (ideally) have time to make it in three days a week for THREE HOURS of training.

Three damn hours to live a better life! Get a grip on that statement. How many hours a week do you watch television? So many people are ready to give up training (and living better), but how many of you are willing to cancel your cable or satellite TV? What about the internet? How many hours a week are you on Facebook? More than some of you think you are.

Life throws you curveballs. Some of us have jobs that demand more than the 40 hours that most people put in in a week. Some of us have families and family emergencies that can change up the daily routine in a heartbeat. But the fact of the matter is that almost everyone who starts training at One World has those challenges to deal with when they start. A few months (or for some of you a few weeks) later, and you realize that this thing we do called CrossFit is fucking hard. Excuses come easy when the shit hits the fan.

I am one of those crazy ass CrossFitters committed to qualifying for the CrossFit Games. It means that I have to train at least 8 hours a week or more. I am also a full time police officer on the SWAT team. I’m a co-owner of One World with owner responsibilities to the gym. I coach six hours a week. I’ve posted on this blog every night for six years. In the last few weeks I have had SWAT callouts and have put in long hours at the occupy protests (on two occasions eventually leading to 24 hours without sleep). I have managed to miss only two training days in the last 18 training days, and in all, I only missed a small amount of my programmed training by doubling up on other days. I have had days when the last thing I want to do is go to the gym, but I force myself to go, and in the end, I always feel 100% better afterward.

I don’t need a commitment like that from you, but if I can do it at 46 years old, I am quite positive that you can give me a simple commitment. I NEED THREE HOURS FROM YOU. Is that really asking for much????

Boys and girls, we aren’t done yet…….

After you commit to three hours, I need one more commitment from you. Three hours a week only works if you commit to the work. Give me THREE HARD HOURS. Stop being a bitch. Ask your trainer what the timeframe for your workout should be and shoot for that time with as close to “as prescribed” as possible. Go as heavy as you can and give it your all. When we want you to lift heavy, LIFT HEAVY! Don’t be afraid to fail. Embrace it. Push yourself for three hours. Does it suck to work that hard? HELL YES! Is it an uncomfortable place to be when you push yourself as hard as you possibly can? Well, those of you who are avoiding the gym already know the answer to that question. It’s why you are home watching Glee and not getting your FIT on at One World…….

of course we want you getting your FIT on at CCCF. See you guys at 9 tomorrow morning.


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