Saturday Team Wod


Saturday Team Wod

Our FIRST Experience the Box is Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Share CCCF with your friends and family this week. Don’t forget our referral program… $50 off your membership for each one of your friends or family member that signs up at CCCF during Experience the Box. If you thought about trying CrossFit come on in to any of the free classes this Thursday, Friday and Saturday and Experience the Box.

Teams of 2

1.) 150 Push Presses 6595
-One team member does push presses while the other runs a 200 meter run, then they switch. Do not finish until the 200 reps are completed. the bar may not touch the ground. 5 burpee penalty for each drop.

2.) 150 sumo deadlift high pull with kettle bells 3553
-same rule as #1. Kettle Bell is touch and go. may not rest on the ground.

3.) 100 meter walking lunge together as a team

Overtime: Complete penalty burpees if any exist

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