September Events and Updates


September Events and Updates

September is a busy month:

If you haven’t already picked up a CCCF handbook grab one next time you are in the box. This is a good tool to give to others when talking about CCCF and it may help answer any questions you may have too.

We will say good-bye to three of our members this month. Make sure to tell them how wonderful they are:

Kevin is moving away this week and in his words ” because I want to.” I tried to convince him to stay but he won’t. Kevin has made great progress at CCCF and there is no one like Kevin, you always make us smile, come back and see us.

Colby: will be leaving by September 13th to head off in to the Army. We are thankful to have had Colby, not only is he an amazing athlete he has put a lot of time in to CCCF over the months demoing, tires etc. He made the mistake of once telling me he will climb the ladder and hang the rope… Colby’s last WOD will be… You will be greatly missed Colby.

Jessica: has been with us the longest and depending on what coach you ask she is member number one…Jessica is leaving to tackle her dream of making a difference in the Coast Guard, she ships out on September 20th. Jess has big plans for the Coast Guard and owes us a flag when she graduates boot camp.

September 1st, 2nd and 3rd is “Experience the Box”. Invite someone to come and Experience the Box. All class times are available to bring someone in. Remember when someone you bring in signs up for a CCCF membership you get a $50 credit toward your next month’s membership.

September 5th: We will be doing a Full Mission Profile @ 9:00

A Full Mission Profile is a longer than normal workout in the 90 minute range. It involves long runs usually done with a weight vest and contain a large number of movements. They are called Full Mission Profiles in that they mimic military combat missions. Briefing will begin at 9:00 for full mission profile and clock will start at 9:30. Let Lief know if you will be attending otherwise, all scheduled classes will be resume Tuesday due to holiday.

September 10 at 10:00: Look Better Naked challenge and Nutrition workshop. A six week paleo challenge to look better naked. Dusty who many of you met over the weekend has agreed to come and do a workshop about on what living a paleo lifestyle is and how you can be successful in doing so. Although, we are making it a challenge it really is a lifestyle change. The challenge details will be as follows: This is not who loses the most weight on a scale, but who has the most significant change in body compositions determined in before and after photographs. Even those who are lean to begin with will see amazing changes and results within your body composition, performance, and lifestyle will change. Don’t believe me, follow this challenge as outlined and see for yourself. You may invite others in the community and if they are not a CCCF member a $10 donation to GWOF is suggested. If you are a CCCF member the nutrition workshop is free, however, there will be a $20 buy in for each person as part of the challenge. We will have a male and female winner who splits the pot and all the buy in money will be split between the winners who are determined by participants judges. What you need to do is: hang around after the WOD for the workshop at 10:00, pay the $20 buy in for the challenge, get your before photos taken, leave with a knowledge of what it takes to live a succesful paleo lifestyle and get started. On October 22nd the ones who participated will need to have their after photos taken and the participants will pick a male and female winner to win the money. Ideally, 100% box particpatioin would be awesome.

September 12. Photo Contest ends and winner of the CCCF hoodie and Dutch Bros Coffee card will be announced. Two weeks left, get on it…

September 17th at 9:00 CCCF will be hosting FGB6. We have registered as an official site to hold the FGB6 fundraiser. Sign up today at

Some of the CCCF guys and gals will be doing the Tough Mudder at Sqaw if you want to go and support them.

September 25th- Lake Tahoe Marathon. Lief and I have signed up for the half and will be representing CCCF when we cross the finish line. You can still sign up and get your name on the bib.

If you know of a local event that CCCF should be involved in email

Thanks for being apart of the CCCF family.

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