Sommer S


Sommer S

After Elements, I walked into my first WOD so scared that I actually

couldn’t stop crying.  Abby asked if I was okay and after realizing I

was going to do a modified WOD that day, I calmed down. My first month

                         was full of tears at the box and at home, stemming anywhere from

anger, doubt, and frustration. One night in particular I remember

doing an 800 m run and I as I got to the Roop St. sign I turned around

                          and realized I was the only one left still outside. Immediately I

started getting upset and found it even harder to push myself. I knew

this way of thinking had to change. Slowly but surely (and help from

surrounding support) I learned that it doesn’t matter if I can’t run

as fast, finish as fast, or lift as much as anybody else. Finishing

last only means that I made sure I did every single repetition and at

a pace that’s good for me.

This was hard to do seeing as though all my life I’ve had a bad habit

of comparing myself to everyone but I realized this was certainly not

the place or I would fail.

I have met so many extraordinary, loving, and supportive people unlike

anywhere I’ve ever been. I’ve always found myself to be socially

awkward and lacked a lot of friends growing up but finally at almost

28 I feel welcome and supported in a place I never thought I’d step

foot in. This along with constant support from my family and my coach

Kayla, I have a different perspective of this weight loss journey. I

look forward to every night to see what new limits I can push myself.

I’ve learned that I am stronger mentally and physically than I ever

thought. Running is still not my forte but I’m doing a lot better than

where I started and deadlifting 200 lbs showed me what I can do with

confidence and concentration.

During the other 23 hours away from CrossFit I face a challenge

sometimes harder than burpees and running combined (if that’s

possible, lol). Before I started eating Paleo my entire diet since

high school was made of carbs, dairy, and a dangerous amount of daily

sugar intake. My cholesterol teeter-tottered in the low 200’s and was

worried I would have a heart attack. Slipping closer and closer to 300

lbs I felt gross, sluggish, and stuck in a comfort zone that I didn’t

think I had the strength to get out of. After Robb Wolf came and spoke

to us about Paleo I decided a 30 day challenge was worth a try. It

made sense and I felt that my body was actually craving healthy food.

After almost 80 days and eating the complete opposite of how I was, I

feel better than ever and my cholesterol is exactly where it should

be. It’s still a struggle to stay true to Paleo 100% but when I find

myself cheating I catch it and choose a healthy substitute. Times that

I have lacked strength and turned to bad habits I reminded myself how

I felt afterwards and to pick myself back up and start again. Failure

is not an answer and the more I train my body and mind to eat clean, I

know the easier it’ll get. I’m happy to say that fast food, Dutch Bros

‘Carmelizers’, milk, cheese, carbs, soda, candy, and ice cream are no

longer a part of my diet and I feel great.

The CrossFit family hasn’t just given me a good support system, but

they have taught me how to love myself more. In the last 10 weeks I’ve

learned that I am worth this fight. I have never in my life been so

proud of myself and felt so determined. I have so many reasons to

accomplish my goal and to live a different lifestyle but the main

reason I applied for this program was so that my son was not left

without a mom. He is also worth this fight. Every time I want to quit,

give up, or fall back to old habits I think of him. I think of how

different our future will be with health and happiness rather than

depression and constant worry. At almost 3 years old I have already

started to influence his life as well. I am jealous of his air squats

and he’s switched from fruit snacks to raisins! Lol.

On my ‘weight loss journey’ board I keep at home, I have a quote

posted that says, “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is

found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”  I love this

because it reminds me that there is no finish line.  Once I reach my

goal weight, it is not then end; it is a constant way of life to

maintain healthy eating and exercise. I am extremely thankful to be

given this opportunity that has opened my eyes at what it takes to

change. The CrossFit family has been inspiring, motivating, and

everything I need to change my life once and for all.  Words cannot

justify my appreciation.

Thank you,

Sommer S.

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