Why We Lift the Way we do.


Why We Lift the Way we do.

There is often confusion about why we lift the way we do. So it is our hope to lend a bit of clarity to the way we prescribe lifts.

For the most part our lifts are in the rep scheme of 3 sets of 5 reps. Each set is meant to be done at the same weight.

Ex: Backsquat
set one : 225 for 5 reps
set two: 225 for 5 reps
set three: 225 for 5 reps
Given the successful completion of the 3 sets of 5 reps then the next week you would add 10lbs on lower body lifts and 5 lbs on upper body lifts. This adding of the 10lbs week after week is known as linear progression because we can track progress on a line graph which is hopefully moving up.
Q: Eventually following this program won’t I fail?

A: Yes, which is a good thing. That means we have made progress and need to reset our progression. If we started 5 weeks ago @ 225 and fail @ 275. Then we restart next week @ 245 essentially go back 3 weight increments. This gives your body a chance to reset with the lower weight and ramp up to the heavier weight the next time.

Q: We don’t do the same lifts every week, how does this factor into the program?

A: This is a good thing. For Example we do 3 different types of squats (Back, Front, Overhead) So you have recovery time on a given lift before you will see it again.


– The three sets refers to working sets. You should always do lighter warmup sets.

– We use a 5 rep system to maximize strength. Endurance will be worked during WODS.

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